Solution for groups of cases

Top Loading

Solution for groups of cases

Compact and flexible top and side loading solution for forming, filling and closing of cases.

American case packing and wrapping solution


Top Loading

Pick & Place

RSC Case

Bottom loading


American case packing and wrapping solution

Compact and flexible solution for american top, side and bottom loading case packing and wrapping with forming, filling and closing of cases.

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Cartesian system

Antropomorfic robot

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Compact and flexible robotic and Cartesian palletizing solution

embedded with anthropomorphic arm

PRODEC and SINTERPACK, companies established 50 years ago, and part of the XOLERTIC GROUP, will be present at the HISPACK 2022, taking place in Barcelona from May 24th to 27th.
After a long break, it will be one of the first packaging fairs in Europe thus playing an important role in local and international markets. 
In the words of Hispack’s Director Xavier Pascual “with this new edition we want to reinforce Hispack’s role within Spain and beyond, promoting the strength and innovation power of the Spanish Packaging industry.”
The Hispack aims to be a platform to foster interactions among different players and participating is essential to support our industry in developing new solutions to their customers.

“We take into account that 80% of the visitors are high level decision-makers” according to Núria Plans, Key Account Manager of Xolertic Group and most of them leading companies with a large turnover supporting their participation this year more than ever.


Hispack exhibitors

It is estimated that Hispack exhibition will have more than 1.000 direct exhibitors, more than 1.800 representing brands and 42.000 m2 exhibiting area, divided in two pavilions. The largest demanding sectors will be there such as food and beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, pharma, industrial equipment, the non-food and automation sectors were recently incorporated.

All the innovations in packaging machines and lines will be at Pavilion 3, where PRODEC and SINTERPACK will be present hand in hand with their technological partners of Barcelona Packaging Hub.

“Cooperation is a must nowadays” “We are all specialists in our sector and with many years of experience and expertise”, as states Santy Witarsa, CEO of Xolertic Group. “This year we focus on developing solution that help customers automate their end-of-line operations”.


Prodec, Sinterpack and Xolertic first time together at Hispack 2022

XOLERTIC, exhibiting for the first time as group, will show its “collaborative robot casepacking and palletising solution” one of the first solutions developed harnessing the expertise of both companies, resulting in a very compact end-of-line solution composed of case erecting, casepacking, case-sealing and palletising totally integrated with no need of fences nor protections for low-speed applications. The line has 2 collaborative robots, one erecting the case and casepacking and the second casepacking and palletising.

Besides this collaborative end-of-line solution, we will also show the new pallet pattern editor, in-house developed technology by both centres’ expertise. An easy solution to create pallet patterns without need of a specialised technician, reducing line running costs and allowing improved performance. The tool, designed to be used in Siemens and Rockwell platforms, is compatible with any type of industrial robot and provides the possibility to palletise by rows and layers and double rows.

This editor “is the most modern version of the market”, enables total freedom of work as it is not limited to a certain number and previously predefined patterns, as it is the case of the rest of pallet pattern editors existing currently in the market, on the contrary, it allows to work with any case configuration, so as with any type of pallet, Euro pallet, American pallet, half pallet and even special sizes, giving a great flexibility for end users.

Some additional innovations being worked on will be also highlighted, such as a new completely integrated line architecture concept with full integration of all the operations required in an end-of-line solution. The solution harnesses the advantages of the technologies available for industry 4.0, digitalization, IoT, including traceability and more process automation, paying special attention to preventive maintenance, real time analytics, seamless integration with equipment of external partners and any ERP systems.

This new development, called “smart line” aims to provide an easy and scalable end of line solution where technology makes life easier as one of the major drivers is to reduce the need of highly skilled personnel as well as reduce the need of personnel to run the line. The full solution will be displayed at the next must-attend trade show, Interpack 2023.

We are waiting for you at Hispack Barcelona 2022, just contact us through our website or call us at +34 93 7211246.