Solution for groups of cases

Top Loading

Side loading


Solution for groups of cases

Compact and flexible top and side loading solution for forming, filling and closing of cases.

American case packing and wrapping solution


Top Loading

Pick & Place

RSC Case

Bottom loading


American case packing and wrapping solution

Compact and flexible solution for american top, side and bottom loading case packing and wrapping with forming, filling and closing of cases.

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Cartesian system

Antropomorfic robot

Cartesian robotic palletizing solution

Compact and flexible robotic and Cartesian palletizing solution

  • D-300 Pick & Place for top loading packer
  • D-300 Pick & Place for top loading 2 packer

Superior solution for packing systems using Pick & Place Cartesian multiple case filling stations, especially for high speeds.

The D-300 is a top packer with Pick & Place Cartesian system consisting of multiple case filling stations. The filling of cases is performed by a pick & place mechanism, with double leads, which supports several heads with speed which is adjustable according to product type. The system is expandable, depending on the required production output.

Its main feature is the flexibility to operate different packing concepts in a single machine. Going from a top loading to a side loading machine is a matter of few minutes in special cases.

This packer incorporates an external element which enables the adaptation of a top lid in cardboard cases intended for exhibiting. 

The new generation DELTA machines are designed to solve any needs that arise in the final line by automating the packing phase.



Flexible in its applications, the D-300 packer can be equipped with multiple power lines, thus also developing functional synchronization of the unit to a single line, regardless of the packing function.

An additional mechanism allows rotation of the suction head to deposit the containers at different positions on each floor or line. The spindle includes packaging tape or product entry element. In the scroll cases, the pickup element performs a twist on its axis by placing the containers at 90° or 180° from the initial position.

Unit formation and closure of independent cases.

The D-300 packer, can be incorporated into the available spaces in each case, depending on the precise characteristics, the configuration that best suits the needs of both techniques is the economic preference. The design of this equipment, together with its easy adaptability to new formats or final submissions, provides a very good versatility for future applications.

Designed for higher production volumes and loading several cases for each work cycle. It is also equipped with various power system products, thereby making it multi-functional.

Several specific systems can be incorporated into the computer system for food and packaging: bags, doypacks, bottles, envelopes, cases, trays, jars, flow packs, etc. There is a solution for each case.



  • Reaches an output of up to 30 cases/minute
  • Multiple case filling stations
  • Flexible solution
  • Up to 6 cases/cycle
  • Optional case placement unit
  • Closing of case for optional seal or hot glue
  • Spindle rotation option
  • Valid for WRAPPING cases such as RSC
  • Double guided spindle
  • Designed to operate at high speeds
  • Quick format change


PRODEC has brought together in one unit, forming, filling and sealing functions (optional) of cases, with outstanding design features and functionality that are detailed below:


Compact design:

All the functions described are developed in a versatile, efficient and compact equipment, occupying a small and simple handling space for the operator. Robust and transparent from any constructive conception angle, it allows one to observe all mechanisms and operational functionality from the outside.


The clean, open design without mechanical barriers, greatly simplifies all interventions required on the equipment, whether by a change in format or a simple cleaning and maintenance regulation or routine.


Its advanced concept allows an expansion of its functions to suit the required project needs.


We have used specific design methods for its development to optimize the comfort and convenience of staff working on the machine.

Information Management:

A powerful software developed by our technical team allows you total control over the device functions. You can also perform simple formatting changes through the incorporated touch screen. Through this, it is possible to verify production efficiency for shifts or slots, making it an effective analytical instrument. It is ready to integrate various lines of work according to the standard OMAC.